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dyb portable explosion-proof assembly series

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dyb explosion-proof assembly series electric oil pump is composed of motor, oil pump and flow meter. it has the characteristics of convenient carrying, high reliability, quick operation, simple maintenance and simple use. it can display the single refueling volume and accumulate the refueling volume. once the refueling is completed, the data can be cleared to zero by adjusting to the zero handwheel. it can be applied to the vehicle, oil depot, construction site, farm and other field operations to transport diesel oil, kerosene gasoline, alcohol, methanol and other oils. product.

built-in filter

4 m oil pipe 1 inch automatic oil gun optional

easy to connect, easy to carry

fm-120 oil meter

性能参数technical specification
型号 model口径size(mm)流量flow(l/min)扬程head(m)功率power(kw)电压valtage(v)转速speed(rpm)材质material叶轮 impellererial

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