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dkyb diesel scribe pump series is suitable for field operations. it has no electric drive field and is used to transport light oil such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene. the pump can be used not only for oil unloading in oil depots, bottom oil, sweeping, refueling, but also for motorized refueling vehicles and tank trucks.

the pump comes with a relief valve that drives the liquid transfer with a bladed rotor. the pump body is made of cast iron and the slide material is made of rpp for durability. power configuration, diesel or gasoline engine depending on the environment and customer requirements.


self-priming ability, no need to pour liquid into the pump before working

pulley cart design, use explosion-proof, easy to operate, easy to maintain

the pump has a large flow rate.

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型号 model口径size(mm)流量flow(l/min)扬程head(m)柴油机功率power(kw)电压valtage(v)转速speed(rpm)材质material

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