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product manual

wcb common gear oil pump belongs to low pressure miniature portable energy-saving oil pump. the pump adopts the structure that the bearing is separated from the transmission medium. the bearing is separately lubricated. the gear is made of alloy steel and adopts special heat treatment process. the surface hardness of the gear can be up to hrc60, it has strong wear resistance and improves the life of the pump. compared with ordinary gear pumps, this pump has a strong applicability when conveying non-lubricating or poor lubricity or liquid containing fine particles. it is a typical soap liquid pump. lightweight medium such as diesel kerosene


1. easy maintenance

2. reliable performance

3. long service life

4. simple appearance

5. advanced and reasonable structure

7. the transport liquid can not contain solid particles

8. delivery temperature is not higher than 70 ° c

性能参数technical specification
型号 model口径size(mm)流量flow(l/min)扬程head(m)功率power(kw)电压valtage(v)转速speed(rpm)材质material

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