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yg explosion-proof pipeline pump

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the inlet and outlet flanges of yg explosion-proof pipeline pump are on the same center line, which can be directly installed on the pipeline. the vertical structure and the pump are integrated. the floor space is small and the installation is very convenient. this pipeline pump adopts high-quality mechanical seal, no leakage, effectively reducing the oil and gas content of the pump house, and the working environment improves the safety and reliability of the pump house work. the suction pressure of the oil pump is ≤1.0mpa, or the maximum working pressure of the pump system is ≤1.6mpa, that is, the pump suction pressure pump head ≤1.6mpa, and the pump static pressure test pressure is 2.5mpa. please indicate the system working pressure when ordering. when the working pressure of the pump system is greater than 1.6mpa, it should be separately proposed at the time of ordering, so that the over-flow part and the connecting part of the pump are made of cast steel material during manufacture.

ambient temperature <40 ° c, relative humidity <95%.

yg type explosion-proof pipeline oil pump can work outside without pump room.

2, the vertical structure machine pump integrated, small footprint, easy to install.

3, the use of high-quality mechanical seals, no leakage at the shaft end, improve the working environment, improve the safety and reliability of pump work.

4. the key components are selected from high-quality new materials. according to the corrosiveness and temperature requirements of the conveying medium, the working reliability and service life of the pump are improved.

5. select ex explosion-proof motor with explosion-proof grade diibt4, with excellent explosion-proof performance.

voltage can be selected 220v explosion-proof 380v explosion-proof

性能参数technical specification
型号 model口径size(mm)流量flow(l/min)扬程head(m)功率power(kw)电压valtage(v)转速speed(rpm)材质material叶轮/出口材质impeller/portmaterial

(because there are many parameters in this series, please contact us if you have the required parameters)

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