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jk-3b ordinary barrel pump

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jk-3b common type oil drum pump is widely used in various industries of barreled liquid materials to pump a variety of non-impurity and non-viscosity liquids such as diesel kerosene, pure base fuel, stainless steel, explosion-proof motor, gasoline, alcohol, methanol, xylene, etc. pump body material is divided into aluminum alloy stainless steel


small size, light weight, flexible use, durable

suitable for 200l or 220l oil drums or similar containers other sizes can be customized

suitable for oil depots, oil stations, chemical plants, ships, etc.

性能参数technical specification
型号 model口径size(mm)流量flow(l/min)扬程head(m)功率power(kw)电压valtage(v)转速speed(rpm)材质material叶轮/出口材质impeller/portmaterial

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