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yellow river diversion project of south-to-north water transfer project

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due to the imbalance of water resources distribution in china, water shortage in some areas is serious, and water transport projects need to be built to alleviate the water crisis. the pumping station plays a central role in the water transfer project. all water flow needs to be pressurized by a water pump before it can be delivered. there are many water transportation projects in china, the most notable of which is the south-to-north water diversion project and the yellow river diversion project. the yellow river diversion project varies greatly due to geographical differences in engineering scale and technical difficulty. the yellow river diversion project includes water conservancy projects that lead the yellow river water to qingdao (a large-scale water transfer project across the basin and long distances, and the yellow river diversion platform, which leads to water diversion, sedimentation, water transportation, water storage, water purification, water distribution, etc.) the function should be complete and complete, which is already the main source of water for qingdao and free qingdao from the difficulty of water shortage. in terms of economy, according to qingdao estimates, the project will add economic benefits of more than 30 billion yuan to qingdao. residents of high-fluorine and salt water areas drink sweet water, providing nearly 1 billion m3 of agricultural irrigation water for the channel boxing county. the urban and rural areas have also received 6.1 billion m3 of water supply, which can increase the grain output by more than 510 million kg. geographically, the yellow river jiqing project effectively compensated the groundwater and recharged 600 million m3 of recharge, which alleviated the damage caused by seawater intrusion.

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